How To Prevent And Treat Dry Winter Skin With Avon Products

Today’s topic is about how to prevent and treat dry winter skin with products of Avon October 2019 Brochure! If you suffer from dry skin in the winter, read this article carefully and follow all instructions! Make sure you will see the difference! Our skin becomes vulnerable during the winter months and struggles with the effects of cold weather, losing moisture. However, the way to prevent skin dryness is very simple with products of Avon October 2019 Catalogue!

Our skin becomes more sensitive during the winter months and struggles with the negative effects of cold weather. Wind and air pollution prevent the skin from absorbing sufficient moisture, causing loss of moisture in the skin. However, the cold winter days to keep the skin moisture is very simple to do. Here are ways to prevent skin dryness in cold weather!

Particularly in winter, the skin structure, which is becoming weaker and more vulnerable, becomes tenser as a result of the slowing of blood circulation and becomes tense and cracking over time. The skin becomes more pale and tired and needs intensive care. For this reason, it is necessary to pay extra attention to skincare in autumn and winter and pay more attention to the rules of care. Here is the easy to apply cold-weather skincare rules.

Skincare in cold weather;

Do not bath very often and with hot water.
Use creamy products to soften the skin in the shower and in the bathroom.
Protect from the sun in winter and use moisturizers with sunscreen (SPF). For example; you can try Avon Anew Platinum Day Cream SPF 25. It improves the look of wrinkles & creases in 2 weeks. Moreover, it is on discount up to R50! For more details, you can check out page 156 of Avon October 2019 Brochure.

Moisten hands with lubricants 5-6 times a day to prevent aging effects and prevent eczema.
Do not leave your hands wet after washing. Be sure to avoid wet contact with cold.
To prevent dryness and cracking of lip, do not forget to use vaseline-like lip protection products. If you are looking for a lip care product, you should focus on Avon Moisturising Creamy Lipstick. It has 10 different colors. My favorite is Sweet Fuchia. You can get this at only R69! For more details, you can check out page 58 of Avon Catalogue October 2019.
Drink plenty of water.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to moisturize the skin.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to moisturize the skin. Consume raw walnuts, hazelnuts, dried apricots and carrots to provide extra hydration of the skin through nutrition.

Prefer cotton clothes instead of synthetic ones.
Find the right moisturizer for your skin. This will also prevent bruising under the eyes, bagging and dull skin.
If you want to get rid of the dead skin in the winter period of this kind of treatment. Important note: Protect your face from extreme cold and wind after chemical peeling.

You see how to prevent and treat dry winter skin with Avon Products. If you want to look at more products of Avon Brochure October 2019, you should see all the pages of it. You will find what you are looking for it. Also,  you can reach Avon October 2019 Brochure pdf on the main page! Here you go!


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